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Chicago Spring Fling 2022!


Had an amazing time at the Chicago Spring Fling 2022 Writer's Conference! Saw my agent, saw my team, signed some books, ate some pizza and walked around a beautiful city!



This past January, 2021, RESCUE YOU was chosen to be part of a fabulous program called The Book Drop. This program is run by independently owned Bethany Beach Books. You can sign up to receive a monthly book curated by people who read and buy books for a living. Basically, you're getting a good book vetted and sent to you without having to do any of the work yourself. Often, these books come with a letter or signed bookplate from the author. What an honor! I encourage you check out the program for yourself at the above link.

I recently did an interview with Kitty Bucholtz from the Write Now Workshop Podcast called The Editing Team: An Interview with Elysia Whisler and Sara Megibow. It's a fun hour of talk all about the editing process, from acquiring an agent to editing your first novel. Listen here or view it on YouTube.



One More Page Books in Arlington, Virginia, hosted a VIRTUAL event for RESCUE YOU on 11 November 2020 at 7pm! Angelina M. Lopez, author of HATE CRUSH and LUSH MONEY, gave me an amazing interview! Check it out here: RESCUE YOU INTERVIEW.


The socially-distanced, in-person event at CrossFit 234 was a huge success! I sold ALL the books and was interviewed by my sweet, sassy daughter!

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